About vacation and The Eye

My vacation will start 22.8 sharp. I cannot make neither arrangements for it nor participate to anything because of being drugged. That’s The Eye and how I know it.

I’ll be on the mountains for two weeks plus one month. I ask that The Eye will be switched elsewhere or divided at least for two weeks and maximum 45 days, if not reason to do differently. I have asked my owner to bring or send it back to me earlier in the case if truly needed (2 weeks) or wanted (45 days) for reason or another.

After that time it is time to think again.

About substituting. I’m wishing to give a task. The task is to know better and have a transparent databank about how and why people earn money, hierarchy or resources and which kind of costs it has. For which kind of behaviour toward the others people are paid for. Ansiotyö.

The Eye will look there for 45 days – if people accept my wish as it is.

Carrier(s)/bearier(s) should be aware about that if not being or doing what the audience are reflecting or are put to reflect from them, they very probably get drugged and that the audience constantly lose their morality and senses. When people have been teached to live in a way that they should own other people or their lives, it is not easy to change it ones.

Carrier or majority has a permission to sent The Eye back to me if things are going in bad ways or decided.


‘Out of office’ announcement for two weeks

11.08.17 Today starts Sarajevo Film Festivals. They very probably have guests who know what it is when own self starts to represent for people around other things than what the person truly is. Or not having ‘normal’ communication when being among people.

I will participate a little to the Festivals, watching movies. Now it is my time to have a vacation and I’ll do the arrangements during the Festivals. I have asked from my owner to arrange a camera point for one month from the night before the opening night of the Festivals. That has been yesterday.

If I red the situation right, he accepted my request and I accepted his.

I look around also for finding substitute(s) to carry ‘The Eye’ or part of ‘The Eye’ for a moment. It is just that the doings by The Eye and 24/7 working, which is fundamental part of ‘The Eye’, starts to be a burden very quickly and it starts to destroy a human easily, especially people around The Eye.

One thing to notice is that people talk to The Eye and Cameras not to or with the human front of them. Also people don’t always understand that even it is a tv show for them, it’s also a true life for the used people and used don’t have vacations or options for anything else. What happens in the theater play or behind it, happens in reality.

If a person is pushed to live on the streets then the person is living on the streets, if the person is drugged then the person is drugged. If person’s friends, country men or role characters are asked to lie to the person then they really lie. If the person is sold, then the person is sold. That is the reality now. Reality that people have created for the others and themselves.

If people don’t agree enough with switching off The Eye for my break, they might have a reason for it (?). If I don’t find a choice which I feel to be morally right choice to do for the others and me, I’ll just take The Eye with me to the mountains. Then people would just get very boring show.

After 4,5 years theater play I’m dreaming of two weeks and one month vacation with minimum human contacts or with contacts which are not a game. I’m dreaming of slow moments in a calm and pretty environment and time to write out the things and ideas that I’m carrying in me.

I’m actually asking a space to do my job.

To be honest, I don’t have much trust that my wish would be heard. Why? Because I have fight for my body for several years and yesterday I was drugged with very inconvenient chemical and in the evening I was drugged to get tired and fade out in the middle of the conversation.

If people would be willing to be helpful I would ask to behave/talk/act for my rights for a vacation and notice when doing it that there are a lot of people on this planed in the circumstances where they cannot have a break from the circumstances. Would be a good thing to listen also them.

I hope people use or unuse The Eye wisely. And who knows, maybe I’m not needed anymore after the arrangements.


Are you a person with a permission for clean food?

I have been relieving the strike 10 days for now. I’m eating almost ‘normally’, what ever does it mean – or should mean. I’m eating a bit healthier than earlier and by appreciating every bite – but I could do better too.

I’m ‘lucky’ to eat almost safely now. According the internet there are 800 million malnourishing person on the planet and I’m sure that everyone doesn’t have even this much possibilities than I have now.

I haven’t had either this much possibilities, reasons might just have been different than commonly for malnourishment. Although I have been stoned today. It’s horrible but better situation than the worst doings. That’s the scale where I’m living.

Most of the people who have sold me for this game cannot accept the idea that I would own my own body. Limiting those people doings about the others even by verbally and with the patience can produce very heavy reactions.

What I mean with the word ‘hierarchy’, I often write about, are the different boxes where people are by the others or by written or unwritten rules or realized or unrealized expectations. It doesn’t always come by what is on paper, business cards or international contracts.

Example: Think about world’s 800 million malnourishing or starving people showing a center finger. Austrian teenager can more likely show center finger because of not getting play station than starving person middle of the war because of not getting clean food.

Why is that?

What I have learnt about hierarchy so far is that it is very random who are ending to the top level or bottom level and what are the “reasons”. It doesn’t seem to matter about nationality, ideological contexts, background, educational level etc, that people on the ‘top’ seems always start to lose their control and start to take things as granted and people on the ‘bottom’ start to lose their lifes or living conditions – and people in the middle start to support that hierarchy in the way or another.

Possibilities for clean and save food and environment should not be taken as an unlimited fact. There are a lot of people who don’t appreciate clean food and people’s self-determination – except for themselves. You might be one of them?

How to apply for that position?


About the angry drug

The angry drug, which I have written about here and here, has had several side symptoms.

It doesn’t cause any nausea or headache, but it causes changes of sense of sight and hearing and the anger which cannot be logically solved because the root cause is forcingly made chemical.

In July 2015 I was put for days in a bad condition with the angry drug. All the colors where too bright all the shapes where too sharp and the fly sounded as a helicopter. Those days where not very nice.

It was done on purposely, not by the doers but by the people behind.

Sound sensitivity appears only for the sounds of certain frequency and is related how ‘sharp’ is the sound of that frequency. The visual symptoms has been developed away from the chemical during the first 1,5 years. The sound sensitivity symptom has delayed.

Earlier the side symptoms and the anger where at the same time. Now the anger comes first and the sound sensitivity comes afterward and the side effect is not that strong comparing to the anger.

Anger itself is more impulse-based comparing to the version 2 years ago when it mostly just made to be irritated without outer input. Now ‘trickers’ can be used to find the soft spots to make person more angry. Then the anger goes also to the other causes than to the chemically made one.

In my case the cause is always at least, no matter what is tried to get out from me at that time, firstly that people are trained to chemicalize and manipulate others – again – and secondly that I’m chemicalized and manipulated at that moment and everyday. The true frustration and hate grows year by year, day by day.

Nowadays the taste is missing. It have had a slightly noticeable sandy-metallic taste in the food/drink. Also the inhaled version had that kind of smell. Current versions are tasteless and smell-less.

I don’t like that there is going on development of chemical which makes people angry and is developed to be less noticeable. Neither that there are people trained to use other humans as laboratory platforms and everyone upper than victims seems to think that it’s completely ok.

10th day on hunger strike. Tomorrow I’ll start to relieve the strike.

Have been drugged during these days too.


Drugs of ideology

7th day on hunger strike. Time to talk about drugs. Now I’m writing about the drugs which doesn’t leave permanent damage.

Three weeks ago I was unnaturally negative for two days. That was the first time and so far and hopefully the last time of that drug.

Chemically made emotions are easy to recognize. And there are huge amount of drugs to cut people from their emotions or to make artificial emotions for them.

People can also be made to be very passive for several months and loose their ability to progress almost anything. Or to loose emotions or their sexual desire for days or much longer time.

People can also be made to be awfully horny. After that dose is not possible to do anything else than cry desperately in the corner. Recovering fully from the despair and muscle twinkles takes several days from me.

Combination of that drug and angry drug starts to be emotionally very challenging and that’s not the time to socialize but just try to deal it through. The same is that I should not write when fed with the angry drug.

I have been comatosed multiply times. That many times that I cannot guess the number.

I have been ‘medicated’ for many scams, for example because of the ‘traumas’ that people are reflecting that they have made to the victims. – To repeat and keep again the hierarchy and system they have created.

I have also been ‘medicated’ many times because of withdrawals of wrongly decided patients. What to say anymore: Victims cannot have withdrawals for several years. It just doesn’t make sense.

People can also be drugged to give either too positive or too negative responses. With very low doses it takes time to notice that ownself is being drugged. There could be times when I haven’t noticed it at all even after.

One thing that I’m very, very, very worried about is the development of an ‘angry drug’. I’ll write about that next time.


Hunger Strike, day 1

I had horrible chemical complications last night. And I’m having ‘hang over’ and weakness of right side now.

I have recently been fed almost everyday with chemicals that no one should be fed with.

Time to stop eating.

People know what I urge.


Challenge of challenging hierarchy

It’s not easy to challenge hierarchy.  There is a phrase in Finnish language: “Saavutetuista eduista ei voi luopua.” – Man cannot let go from the benefits achieved, could be a clumsy translation for it. I think that the similar mechanisms are partly behind the “Lftv-sydrome“, the good doer -thinking and the deaths. The repetition of hierarchy.

During the years I noticed that if hierarchy is challenged rapidly from down to up the risk of violence, rising control and pointing out the hierarchy is crowing rapidly too. It’s not just toward the victims it’s also toward each others among people in the ideology.

So if I would, from my part, challenge hierarchy too fast I wouldn’t compromise just myself but the other’s future too, also doers. If I wouldn’t challenge hierarchy at all I would do the same. I have needed to compromise myself to not to compromise myself (and the others).

Only hierarchy I can reasonable safely challenge is my own. It has been a good lesson to learn. I can try to have an impact to the reasons why I’m put lower or higher in the hierarchy and try to do it in a way which would develop everyone’s rights.

If the hierarchy is challenged from up to down, from middle to downward or from middle to middle, the challengers hardly ever are ready to challenge deeply their own position in the hierarchy but more the other’s. It doesn’t often change much – or causes similar effects than challenging from down to up.

Humans, including me, hardly ever challenge deeply their own position in the hierarchy, but sometimes we do. And that small ‘yes’ part has saved a lot. Most of all it has saved human lifes. There has been plenty of people who has been able to start to put step by step under the question their own doings or nondoings.

Sometimes the ‘good power’ ends up to be… just power. And noticing  any kind of rising power, especially when part of it, is the tricky question. And to do it early enough before the processes has gone step by step so far that people don’t know how to turn it anymore.

I’m now in the countries where people have seen what happens when hierarchy between people is raised or when people are turned against each others. They might carry inside a knowledge which could be helpful in the situation and in the future.

Based on what I have seen, I would continuously choose the several nonviolent paths, even it needs constant creativity from people. The other paths are going to the direction which I cannot see bringing true solutions.

Especially when I know that there are person(s) who are trying to get people to end up to choose violent solutions in the name of goodness or defending ‘weak ones’ (hierarchy) or anything other and the true intentions are very different.

Don’t kill. Don’t drug. What ever is the narrative. Use brains, other’s too. Control should be controlled, but in controlled ways and with smaller amount of control. And by evaluating control and controlms from very many perceptive. Also from yours, I think. And also the control I’m representing, knowingly or unknowingly.


I urge:
1. Physical (also neurophysical) self-determination for everyone used by the ideology: concrete solution.
2. A clear and simple procedure and tools to deny and report, for people asked to drug people.
3. Forbid drugging

Difference between responsibility and power

I think that mixing responsibility and power is common. For me makes a little easier to recognize power and responsibility early enough by making the definitions more simply: Responsibility is toward ownself and own actions and power is toward the others and/or resources.

In that way thinking adults don’t use responsibility toward their children, they use power toward the children and carry responsibility from the ways they are doing it or are not doing it.

In that way thinking we actually cannot “be responsible about the others” but we can be responsible about our own actions in the ‘big picture’ and toward the others.

I think that there is not good power or bad power, just power. Power can be used only to decrease the amount of power. Developed adults reduce their power at the same time when kid’s self-control and/or surrounding develops and they don’t need to use power to prevent other powers, as boiling water kettle, freezing weather or violent neighbor or family member.

That how power should always move toward equality.

Part of responsibility is also questioning ownself every now and then: Toward what to ‘use’ power and why and in which kind of way. That is developing self-control which (hopefully) goes on through the life time.

Responsibility should always be bigger than power. Why not the same size? Because of the human mind. We just have a habit to get more or less blind to the power and, for example, start to explain power with terms of responsibility – or start to believe in that kind of terminology.

Or at least I have, as can be seen.


I urge:
1. Physical (also neurophysical) self-determination for everyone used by the ideology: concrete solution.
2. A clear and simple procedure and tools to deny and report, for people asked to drug people.
3. Forbid drugging

About norms

Two years ago was trending to ask from victims to beg something concrete for their freedom. One of several things I started to asked was to have involved to the situation specialists who are aware about crimes, psychopathy and brain washing.

I didn’t get that. Instead people solved the problem by making manipulation and drugging toward me to be a normal thing.

People seems to get used to the idea of manipulation and increasing manipulation. People have made a norm to take randomly people to their use and they don’t seem to see anything wrong in their doings. That worries me. People also seem to explain their doings so many ways. Narratives, true and claimed ones, changes but the direction stays.

Sometimes the processes which have created to serve people’s well-being, or processes that people have thought that have created for people’s well-being, are in the end serving other kind of purposes.

People have an impact to the norms with every action they personally do. And norms create ‘rules’. And people, everyone of us, have habit to repeat ‘rules’, written or unwritten, and sometimes actions goes far beyond from most of the people’s original aims and wishes. That explains partly also a lot of wars and economical abuse.

What is good is, that systems created by people can be changed by people.

I think that education, even very very important, wouldn’t be the key number one, at least not by focusing mostly on external matters but internal matters. To be critical toward surrounding and society is good and essential but I think that even more important is to be critical toward own actions. Firstly looking at yourself and which kind of norms you are creating with your own actions and for which kind of actions you are used, as we all eventually are.


I urge:
1. Physical (also neurophysical) self-determination for everyone used by the ideology: concrete solution.
2. A clear and simple procedure and tools to deny and report, for people asked to drug people.
3. Forbid drugging